English Pointer

English Pointer

Bred for several hundred years to hunt birds and small animals such as rabbits, the Pointer is a versatile English dog and an exceptional family friend. Excellent in many areas, from field hunting to agility and obedience.


– Male dogs of this breed can reach a height of 69 centimeters
– Female dogs of this breed can reach a height of 61 centimeters
– Male and female dogs of this breed can reach a weight of up to 25 kg
– The lifespan of these dogs can be from 12 to 16 years.

The English scorer is flexible and harmonious, so he leaves the impression of aristocratic elegance.

It has an elongated neck, straight back, broad chest, and long muscular legs. He has darker eyes and a snout, and his ears are usually attached to his neck. Its tail is lobular in shape and becomes thinner at the tip.

This breed of dog comes in many colors and patterns, most often being two-colored. The color combinations that are common in this breed are white-yellow, orange-red with white, reddish-white, and black and white. They can sometimes be monochrome (black or brown).
It is characterized by short, straight, and shiny hair. Short hair does not provide him with enough protection, so this dog does not tolerate cold or moisture well.


The English Pointer is an energetic, very fast, and capable dog. It handles well in open terrains like vast fields.

They are very intelligent, and due to their genetic predispositions, as well as a strong hunting instinct, they can quickly train for hunting. English Pointer are extremely loyal to their owners and very friendly. They generally get along well with people, and especially with children.

Since this is a dog with a high level of energy, it is not recommended to keep it in an apartment, but a more spacious yard would be ideal for it, with a dog house as its corner.

Keep in mind that he enjoys attention, even likes to be in the spotlight, so loneliness would not appeal to him. The cottage should therefore not be very far from the owner.

When you’re not taking him hunting, you have to come up with activities for him to expend his energy. It is best to take him for a long walk and you can run with him or play with him in the yard longer. Precisely because of the excess energy, it is not recommended that this race be procured by older people or those who could not devote enough time to it.

Without good training, it can become stubborn but also destructive. He has an inherent tendency to compete, so he will perform well in dog sports such as field pursuits or obedience


The English Pointer belongs to the breed of healthy dogs but is susceptible to common diseases that occur in dogs such as dislocation of the hips and joints, epilepsy, and food allergies.


The fur of the English Pointer is enough to brush occasionally. You can also rub the fur with a coarser cloth to emphasize the shine. These dogs can live outside if they have a soft bed and warm shelter but prefer to live indoors with their families. It would be most ideal if they lived inside the house and had access to the yard.


The amount of dry food a dog needs depends on what food you use. If you use better quality food (premium and superpremium quality), then the daily quantities of food are lower than the lower quality foods. The amount of food varies (albeit in small variations) also depending on which manufacturer you choose. Therefore, it is imperative that you read the foodstuffs indicated by the manufacturer after selecting the food and adhere to it.

Since you are adding a cooked meal, then you should reduce the amount of dry food (by about 1/3). In addition to the above (combined) diet, you need to add vitamin and mineral preparations, to replenish the body with all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for proper growth (cooked meals are usually of low nutritional value).


Puppies of the English Pointer breed needed a quality diet to gain immunity. If you decide to keep this breed of dog, you should buy it from a reputable kennel.


This breed belongs to the family of short-haired birds, and the first written documents about the existence of the English Pointer as a separate breed date from the 17th century. They are thought to have originated from some Spanish dog breeds, who were brought to the UK and then crossed with French and Italian birders. Later, the resulting breed was additionally crossed with other types of hunting dogs, in order to improve its temperament, but also to refine its flair for hunting.

The breed is named after the way it behaves in hunting. The dog of this breed scores, motionlessly shows where the game is during the hunt. It is known that it can stand still for hours, marking where the game is.

In hunting, it works best with greyhounds. The English pointers will point to the rabbits and the greyhounds will bring the prey to the owner.

The English point is, however, most used in bird hunting. Before weapons, as we know them today, became more widely used, birds were not shot at, but caught. At that time, the skills of an English hunter in hunting were extremely valuable.


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