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Dreams About Dogs

Are you Dreams About Dogs ? It is not easy to interpret dreams. They are subjective feelings, personal messages – so many books have been written about the interpretation of dreams, and Sigmund Freud dedicated a large part of his career to this very issue.

These are often hidden symbols, messages that we subconsciously disguise because we ourselves do not want to be aware of them.

However, experts say that when we dream of animals, those dreams symbolize our “raw”, primordial feelings, behaviors, and reactions. These are dreams about our instincts, often repressed or neglected, and these dreams of dogs often reveal our “shadows”, hidden parts of the personality.

The animals you dream of are usually you, but the real or disguised ones you hide from others every day. These dreams can help you understand what is bothering you and how to solve problems.
When it comes to dogs in dreams, they most often refer to our friendships, loyalty, protection. Sometimes, the dogs we dream of represent ourselves, and sometimes other people in our lives, most often those who are important to us.

Aggressive dogs in a dream have several meanings, depending on the context. They may indicate that we ourselves, or someone in our immediate environment, have been disloyal, that you are struggling with some internal conflict, or that someone in your life cannot be trusted.

A happy dog ​​that barks happily, is friendly, a symbol of satisfaction with social life and people in the environment. It is a symbol of belonging to a group, of acceptance. If the dog you dream of barks nervously, loudly… it means that you are demanding, that you want to control everything.

Dreaming that you have got a dog, or that you are petting and hugging a dog, it can be a signal that you are lonely and that you need company. If you dream of a pack of dogs, you are probably looking for your group, you long to belong to a “pack” and this dream may also indicate that you should strengthen and renew ties with your family.

If you dream of scratching your dog’s stomach, it means that the relationship in which you are pleasant, satisfying, fulfilling. To completely trust the person you are with. Puppies in a dream symbolize your ability, desire, and need to take care of someone.

But did you know that experts have managed to determine what breed of dog symbolizes in dreams? Of course, this knowledge should not be accepted one hundred percent as true, but it can make you think a little better about your dreams, connect them with the situations you are currently in… pay special attention to those dreams that have left a strong impression on you, although at first glance they do not seem significant.

If you dream:

Dachshund – you are a person who stands firmly with both feet on the ground, you are rational. If a dog of this breed appears in your dream, it symbolizes loyalty and commitment to other people and higher goals.

German Shepherd – if this dog appears in your dreams, you are protective, you react to every change. Dreams in which you play or train a German Shepherd show your openness to new ideas, but also – that you are too often influenced by other people.

Golden Retriever – it is known that dogs of this breed are considered the most friendly and dogs that are really man’s best friends. If they walk you into dreams, it means you are happy with your friendships.
The next time you dream of a dog, consider whether that dog is in a dream, you, your loved ones, or some third person who is behaving like a dog in your dream.


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