Do You Have a Shy Dog?

Shy Dog

Do You Have a Shy Dog? Every dog, pet or street dog, can learn to trust people and not be afraid, it just needs a little time.

Whether you have adopted a dog from the street or from a shelter, or want to make friends with a street dog you feed in the neighborhood, their shyness, fear or distrust of people can be a big challenge. However, it is important to know that all you need is patience.


For those dogs that are withdrawn and shy, it is best to always have the opportunity to go and be in a place they consider safe and secure. Whether it’s under the bed in the bedroom, or in a makeshift house or hiding place if it’s a street dog. Respect their desire to walk away and give them time to approach you on their own and break free.

Talk to them, give them food, sweets, water… but do it by being at a distance and giving them the opportunity not to perceive you as a threat, but to know that they have a choice. Petting is not an option until the dog approaches you and lets you know that such an interaction is pleasant for him.


Dogs love to play, although with a timid dog it can be a challenge at first. Offer him a few different toys and let him choose the one he likes best. Give him time to break free and be careful. Dogs from the street need time to learn to play and to learn to be dogs. Just don’t give up, the dog will love the game and toys.

Move relaxed

Don’t stand and stare at your shy dog all the time (or the one on the street), but move normally, even bypassing him a little. Imposing an interaction may be perceived by some dogs as pressure.

Let the dog in the house follow you and follow you in the usual routine around the apartment, but do not pay much attention to him until he is free. On the street, let the dog follow you and walk together, but again without forcing the dog to interact.


Your dog or housemate will certainly get rid of it over time, but keep in mind that he may always be less sociable than other dogs. Dogs also have a personality and are different. Some never like cuddling. Respect his temperament and character, be gentle and adapt to him.


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