Corgis of Queen Elizabeth

Corgis Queen Elizabeth

Many do not know that Her Majesty has a corgi cemetery on her estate in Sandringham. Queen Elizabeth of England is loyal to her pets Corgis.

Regularly during public appearances, she can be seen stopping to anoint the corgis of her fans. Various versions of plush toys in the shape of these puppies can be found in the souvenir shop within Buckingham Palace.

Corgis are a kind of trademark of the Queen Elizabeth, but what many do not know is that Her Majesty has a corgi cemetery on her estate in Sandringham.

The cemetery was built during the reign of Queen Victoria, who made it after the death of her beloved Scottish Shepherd Noble in 1887. Queen Elizabeth built a tomb there after her first corgi Susan died in 1959. Since then, he has used the space to bury all his corgis, including Sugar, who died in 1965. “Sugar’s loyal friend” is written on Sugar’s tombstone.

The female dog Heather is also buried there, and it is written on her monument that she is Susan’s great-granddaughter. The queen had more than 30 corgis, but it is not known whether all were buried in this cemetery.

It is interesting that Prince Harry once said that the Queen’s corgis adore Meghan Markle.The Corgis immediately accepted her. They have been barking at me for the last 33 years, but when she came in, absolutely nothing – he said.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

This cheerful dog arrived in Wales with Flemish weavers in 1107. Its genes are very similar to the polar races, primarily the Samoyed, the Norwegian elkhound and the ancient Celtic races. Like the corgi cardigan, the Pembroke features a long body and short legs.

They have a tiny tail, and many dogs are born completely without a tail. Their fur is short, sharp, and thick. Hair color can be: reddish, beige, black, yellow-brown (planet color), with or without white spots on the neck, chest, and paws. It is a tireless dog, always an active dog that is up to date. They are extremely intelligent and brave, but they can be stubborn.

He will be strongly attached to the owner and will accept the little ones if they do not tease him. It can show dominance over other dogs. He loves nature and tolerates all weather conditions well. It will never go too far from the owner. He needs a lot of physical activity, and he enjoys agility and catching frisbees. They live from 12 to 15 years. He was raised as a keeper of herds and households, and today he is most often a beloved pet. They are 25 to 30 cm high.


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