The Importance of Water for Your Dog ‘s Health

dog water health

In this article, we are explaining everything about water and your dog ‘s health. Water makes up to 75 percent of an adult dog’s body weight, with the water level in the body depending on the animal’s fatness. That is why it is not surprising that pets with a larger appetite fall on bowls with water than with food.

It is important to note that if we are thirsty, it is very likely that our dog is also thirsty, especially if he was very active (running, jumping, training). That is why it is up to the owner to provide his pet with always available freshwater.

The role of water in the body

The body of a dog, as well as a human, in order to regularly perform all its vital functions and health, must have enough water. It is crucial for regulating body temperature, digesting food, separating nutrients from unnecessary ones… Thanks to water, they circulate through the dog’s body and supply cells with the necessary energy.

They lose water by panting

Fluid intake is important for every living thing, but in dogs, it is more important than in other species. The reason for that is that dogs lose water by panting, digestion in the intestines and food processing system, but also through the lungs and kidneys. The liquid consumed in this way must be compensated, which is imposed on every owner as one of the first and most important obligations when purchasing a pet – he must always have enough drinking and freshwater within reach of his paw or snout.

Needs vary

The amount of fluid that animals ingest varies and depends on several factors. Among the most important is the level of physical activity because, the more the dog moves, runs, or takes walks, the more thirsty he will be. Dogs’ needs for fluids will also increase if their diet is dominated by dry food, such as meat or industrial dehydrated food.

It contains only ten percent of moisture, and much more is needed for its decomposition. Granules, which we usually give to our pets, also quickly dehydrate the body and slow down digestion, so dogs with which they are usually on the menu drink more water. Pets that eat home-cooked food or canned food are much less likely to circle around the tap. There is a lot more fluid in their meals and therefore their fluid needs are less.


According to experts, a healthy dog ​​should drink about 750 milliliters of water a day on average (the amount for a moderately active dog weighing about 15 kilograms). With puppies, the situation is somewhat different, but it is believed that puppies should drink about half a glass of water every two hours, and owners are advised to monitor how much water the puppy drinks.

dog water health

Whenever you go for a walk, be sure to bring water for the dog . During long walks, the dog should be offered to drink several times. It is very useful to teach a dog to drink water from the hand or from a jet from the tap or from the hose because you never know when you will get into a situation where that is the only way to give him water.


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