Six Strange Actions of Dogs and What They Mean

Strange Dog Action

Are your dog action strange? For many dog ​​owners, the best part of the day is when they come home and hear knocks with their paws on the floor. They believe that their pets are just as delighted as they are. But what do dogs really think when you open the door and when they see you? To find out, read the behavior of Julie Hecht, a professor at Duke University, described in the book Dog Genius.

1. Why is my dog ​​excited when I say the word “walk”?

Dogs, as well as dolphins, monkeys, and parrots, can learn a variety of vocal commands or words. A dog from a border collie breed called Chaser can learn more than 1,000 words! Researchers say that Chaser uses a process of rapid mapping or locking, which is very similar to how children learn language skills.

This means guessing the meaning of the words based on the objects used in the connection with that word. So, if you keep saying “walk” and then taking the leash and taking the dog for a walk, he could associate the word “walk” with something that has to do with going for a walk.

2. Why does my dog ​​yawn at the same time as I yawn?

Just like humans, yawning is “contagious” to dogs. More importantly, when yawning “passes” to your dog, it means that he sympathizes with you.

3. Why do dogs turn to the opposite side of us when we try to hug them?

A psychologist who monitored the dogs’ behavior revealed a disturbing trend based on 250 photos of people hugging dogs – the dogs were not happy. If the dog pulls out of your arms, try to pity it on the head or wrap it around your stomach, advises Hecht.

4. Why does my dog ​​always smell my friends?

Like other animals, dogs receive a lot of information about their environment based on what they smell. In addition, some studies show that dogs really enjoy smelling the people they know, as well as their owners. A recent study found that dogs’ brains interpret the presence of a familiar person’s scent as a reward.

5. Why do dogs hide behind people’s feet?

If your dog suddenly hides behind you and peeks behind your feet just to check what’s going on, chances are he’s scared. Unlike cats or horses, dogs that are scared or worried will seek help and comfort from their owners, just as slightly older babies run away from their parents, says Theresa Fisher.

6. Why do dogs want snow?

Do you remember when you were little and couldn’t wait to jump into a bunch of fresh snow that had just fallen? Well, when it comes to that powdery white substance, “dogs could be very similar to us,” Hecht writes.


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