Interesting facts about French bulldogs

facts French bulldogs

The irresistible French charmers took the high place on the list of the most popular dogs in America. In that name, we present you interesting things that you may not have known about this race, and thanks to which you will love them even more.

They originate from England – The roots of the French bulldog have not been determined exactly, but most sources link them to the English bulldog. English lace makers especially liked dwarf specimens of the English bulldog because they warmed their wings while they worked. When the lace industry moved to France, the masters took their pets with them.

They were created to keep us company – French bulldog is a friendly dog ​​and a great friend to people. Although they sometimes have a hard time learning the rules of living in an apartment, they get along well with other dogs, they don’t need a lot of activities, so they get along quite well in small homes and urban areas.

Keep them away from water – Thanks to its “compact” build and large head, the French Bulldog simply cannot swim. So if you are near water keep an eye on them.

Flying is also a problem – the French Bulldog has a shorter snout than other dogs, which is why it can have numerous breathing problems. Many breeds of such characteristics, including bulldogs and pugs, have had serious problems flying – due to stress and high temperatures – so some airlines have decided not to carry them on their planes anymore.

Nanny is ideal – When the Orangutan cub Malone was abandoned by his mother, the owners of a zoo in England did not know what to do with him. Luckily there was a nine-year-old female French bulldog named Bugsy. She took care of the little orangutan until he was old enough to be able to join the other orangutans in the garden.

“French” are very chatty dogs – They may not bark much, but they like to make sounds in a combination of yawning, howling and gurgling, so it may seem as if they have their own tongue. So don’t be surprised if they sing with you in the car.

Don’t yell at them – They’re very sensitive which makes it hard to stand up to criticism. If you scold him, he may spend the whole day sullen. They react much better to praise.

Two types of ears – Originally, French bulldogs had bent ears, like their English cousins. Although the English preferred bent ears, American breeders preferred the unique “bat” look. At the dog show in New York, which was organized in 1897, a French bulldog with bent ears was presented, which infuriated American breeders.

New society due to the dispute over the ears – The American Association of French Bulldogs was formed in protest of the bent ears. At the grand opening in 1898, thousands of invitations were sent to the then “jet set” of the USA. Of course, “Frenchmen” with bent ears were not allowed to enter. All these efforts have led to the breed moving away from bent ears and the appearance of the “bat” becoming one of the main characteristics.

The largest number of French bulldogs was created by artificial insemination – Due to the disproportion of body and head, the “French” have a problem reproducing naturally. Males generally fail to reach the female’s genitals, and when they do, they get tired quickly. Females have therefore mostly fertilized artificially, and therefore the price of puppies is rising. Also, due to the disproportion of the body, they are mostly born by caesarean section.
Celebrities love them – “French” are also very popular in Hollywood.


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