How to Make Your Dog Happy

Make Your Dog Happy

How to Make Your Dog Happy ?Their presence in our home and life has been proven to lower stress, improve mood and make us healthier. It is enough for them to greet us cheerfully by waving their tails in front of the door, so that they can fix our day and erase everything ugly that may have happened to us that day. And have you ever wondered what we do to make them happier?

Of course, we give them food every day, cuddle them, walk and play with them, and of course – we take them to the vet to be healthy, but – all that goes without saying. Here are some tips on how to make your pet happy without spending a lot of time and money.

1. Continue walking. Take your dog hiking on the weekends. Throw in a frisbee. Take him with you to run or follow you on a jog. Find a safe place where he can run without a leash and enjoy freedom.

2. Overcome boredom. A dog that is bored will have behavioral problems. Prevent this by buying him a puzzle bowl for food, a “kong” toy, taking him to new and exciting places, teaching him new tricks…

3. Give them your hand. Figuratively, of course, but it is very important to know that dogs understand visuals much better than verbal signals. When training, use your hands with voice commands and your dog will be overjoyed to finally understand you perfectly.

4. Massage. Enjoying a relaxing massage is not just a human need, our exclusive right. A large number of dogs also enjoy a good massage, especially after a day in which they were very active and tired. Of course, don’t be rude, but massage your pet’s limbs, shoulders and back with gentle movements.

5. Take care of his diet. Talk to your veterinarian about what food is best for your dog and occasionally add some “human” foods that can benefit him. Quality food is more expensive, but with it, your pet will be healthier and longer-lived, so you actually save money that you would otherwise, due to improper and inadequate nutrition, surely spend for treatment at the vet.

6. Take care of his fur. If you have a dog that needs regular grooming – do not skip a visit to the groomer, because dogs like to be clean and tidy. Also, brush your dog from time to time and bathe him when needed.

7. Find his friends. Make an effort to find dogs in the neighbourhood with which your pet gets along well and organize socializing and playing together, longer walks.

8. Focus. Dogs love when they have our undivided attention, so don’t stare at the phone during a walk, or just look at the screen at home. Be dedicated to play, cuddle, socialize.


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