How to persuade a dog to eat vegetables?

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Some dogs are big fans of healthy snacks, while others do not like to eat some vegetables. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to “cheat” your pet.

A stick of carrot or zucchini, as well as a broccoli flower, are an excellent low-calorie treat and a reward for a dog, but also very healthy. Vegetables are useful primarily for obese dogs, those with diabetes or chronic diseases associated with being overweight. Dogs can eat: carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini, kale.

Cooked vegetables for the dog

Dogs like both raw and cooked vegetables, and the advice of dog nutrition experts is that it should always be given to the dog, mashed or mixed in a blender, as porridge or thick juice. Short cooking of vegetables facilitates digestion.

Organic vegetables for the dog

Always give dogs seasonal vegetables of organic origin, because our four-legged best friends are very sensitive to pesticides. Avoid vegetables from the cabbage family, because of its effect on the thyroid gland, as well as legumes, and everything that contains a higher percentage of starch, such as potatoes, should be avoided.

How to persuade a dog to eat vegetables?

If your dog is not a fan of vegetables, here’s how you can “trick” him into eating it from time to time:

Carrot and dog

Many dogs adore it, fresh or cooked, but if this is not the case with your pet, due to beta carotene, which is very healthy, trick him into eating it from time to time. Grate fresh carrot and mix it into granules or moist food that your dog normally eats, or cook it and mash it, then add it to the meal as a puree.

Pumpkin in dog nutrition

Canned, in the form of puree (which you can make yourself) is a great food for dogs that should lose a few pounds. As much pumpkin as you add to the dog’s meal, reduce the amount of food in the dog’s meal (granules or wet food) by that much. The dog will lose weight quickly, and he will feel full because of the pumpkin, even if he eats a small amount of food. This food is rich with dietary fiber, has few calories and has many vitamins and minerals (zinc, vitamin A…).

Dogs love broccoli

You can offer it to the dog as a side dish (sprinkle pieces over the meal) frozen, cooked or fresh. It is high in fiber, calcium, beta carotene, vitamins C and A, and low in calories. It is an excellent “cure” for cancer, but be careful with the amount, because it can cause gas.

Organic white radish for the dog
It is an excellent source of folate and calcium and great for losing weight. It has very few calories, only 17 in one fruit. You can add it to the dog’s meal as a puree, or chop it fresh and offer it to the dog as a treat. Some houses also like it cooked or baked.

Vegetables as a treat for a dog

The advice of veterinarians is that as a dessert, when eating commercial food, vegetables should be given in the amount of up to ten percent of the daily meal. If it is part of the meal of freshly prepared food, then it can be represented by up to 25 percent, and if it is part of the food given to a dog with a certain health problem – vegetables can be represented by up to 50 percent in the meal.

Pumpkin puree can be used to help treat constipation (but also mild diarrhea). For dogs with some type of tumour, broccoli is recommended, which has as many as 33 anticancer ingredients and has a beneficial effect on overall health.


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