Why Do Dogs Run In Their Sleep?


Dogs are prone to unusual behaviours – from leaning their paws on people to digging the place where they intend to sleep. But even when they fall asleep, they sometimes twitch their legs as if they dream of running. Is that possible?

In puppies, “running” is actually muscle twitching, a common trait in a dog’s body development. But if the dog is older and still does, scientists believe it is possible to react to a dream in which he is running towards someone or something.

Although it is impossible to say with certainty when and what dogs dream, they are known to experience the REM phase during which, at least in humans, dreams occur. Because dogs spend less time in the REM phase compared to humans, they usually sleep more.

During the REM phase, dogs can respond to dreams by moving their legs, whining or barking.
Some owners even worry that it is an attack, but it is most often characterized by open eyes. If your dog is simply twitching while napping, he is most likely dreaming of a cane, frisbee, or good company with his owner.


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