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dog barking Guests

Your Dog Barking at Guests? – How to Stop It

Are your dog barking at guests? All pet owners must treat their pets and the people around them responsibly. Therefore, from the first visit...
Dog stop barking

How to Control Your Dog to stop barking

When the dog barks incessantly, especially when it is small and when it wants to make an attention to the environment. If we tell...
dog barking

Your Dog is Barking too much? No problem…

Nuisance barking can be a big problem for owners.  No one wants to be the neighbor with the crazy barking dog. If you want...

7 interesting characteristics and facts about Golden Retrievers!

It is not a revelation that Golden Retrievers are among the favourite breeds. People simply cannot resist their eternally irritated character, as well as...
Golden Retriever

All About Golden Retriever

Golden retriever. Lord Tweedmouth in 1865 mated a yellow curly-haired Labrador Retriever to the now-extinct tweed water spaniel. Between 1865 and 1890, Lord Tweedmouth...
Von Willebrand's Disease in Dogs

14 Perfect ways to calm your dog during the thunderstorm!

Sudden weather changes from high temperatures to precipitation followed by strong thunder and wind do not suit anyone, not even our pets. As many...
Dog Diarrhea

5 Signs That Your Dog Needs To Go To The Toilet!

Becoming a new dog owner is one of the best things that may happen to you. The love you will have for your new...
dog barking Guests

Why do some dogs bark too much?

Barking is the way dogs communicate, and “chatty” dogs are often misunderstood. That is why we constantly wonder why some dogs bark more than...
how to train a puppy

21 Interesting facts about dogs!

On the way to domination in the world, long before the people raised cattle and camels, bison, sheep, goats, they created an unbreakable bond...
how to train a puppy

Everything You Need to Know How to Train Your Puppy?

How to train your puppy? We can say that in the world of dressage there are five basic reasons why dogs are trained. There...