Dog Trophy is a fast-growing, worldwide community managed by dog breeders, trainers and judges. We have always ask ourselves – “What would happen if we start a website only for dogs and try to reach out every aspect of cynology”? Our dream came true with the launching of and we are doing our best to bring only the exclusive news and articles about your four-legged furry friends. It all started out as a short-time project based in Deerfield, Illinois but it has spread across the world like a wild bonfire, just to bring you as much as content possible.


Branco J. Marin
Since early age,passionate about dogs especially Shepherds, Cattle Dogs and Molosser breeds. Dog handler and dog expert with more than 20 years of experience in cynology.Get in touch with me via email.


Passionate dog expert and dog handler. Breeder of Short-haired German terriers in the past, now breeding award-winning Sarplaninac dogs. Get in touch with me via email.


Jan Tanna
Dog owner, dog enthusiast and co-founder of the website. Since early age, passionate about dogs. He grew up surrounded with dogs from all shapes and sizes. Passionate about terriers and hunting dog breeds.Get in touch with me via email.


Jeanie Cooke - Fredlund, ABC-DT
Graduate of the Animal Behavior College in California and published author of the book "BAD RAP, The Truth About the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull." Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover.


Iliya L.
Respected dog expert and dog show judge. One of the co-founder of award-winning kennel for Sarplaninac breed. Get in touch with me via email.