FRIENDSHIP WITHOUT LIMITS: He saved Tito’s life when no one expected it !


Every May, on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Josip Broz Tito, as well as his death, the stories about the lifelong president of the former Socialist Yugoslavia are being actualized, including, among other things, Tito, taking care of numerous agitators and often photographed with them this on broad popular masses gave the impression that the president was primarily a humanist.

Josip Broz and Luks, whom often mistakenly called Rex, met quite randomly, on July 15, 1942, in Prozor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was exempted two days earlier from the Italian occupier. The Supreme Headquarters headed by Tito settled into a house in which the bound German shepherd was constantly barking in the backyard.

When he went out and saw what was happening, Tito ordered to his companion Rado Ristanovic to throw away the dog. However, Rade could not perform the task; the dog was still barking and jumping so that Ristanovic could not even approach him.

Then Tito approached the dog and said to him few words in German. This is a dog, whose overseer was obviously a German liaison officer assigned to the Italians – calmed down, so he stopped gagging.

Tito then pardoned him and drove him off the chain. The dog followed him, and the supreme commander of the NOV and the Partisan units of Yugoslavia later gave him the name: Luks. Luks did not separate himself from Tito until his death. Glamoc, Mlinište, Bosanski Petrovac, Bihac, Jajce.

And then, sunrise get on September 9, 1943, on Tjentiste in the valley of Sutjeska. On the Hill of Milinklade was the Supreme Headquarters, together with Tito, in a large ring during that Fifth Enemy Offensive, which will become known as the Battle of Sutjeska (because of which the Tentent, the borough expansion, will be called the Hero Valley, which is still the name of the memorial complex on that place).

There was a German bombing and one bomb fell near the column where the members of the Supreme Staff were. All the guests were thrown to the ground, and Tito along with a truncated beech trunk. At the same time, Luke was thrown at Tito and almost covered him all over. Instinctively, sacrificing himself, consciously or unconsciously.

On that occasion, Luks lost his life, garbed by gulls, saving the life of the supreme commander of the NOV and the partisan units of Yugoslavia who was only wounded in his left hand.

If there was no such noble German Shepherd, Tito would be dead on the spot, as his companion was dead on the spot, and then the folk hero Djuro Vujovic Spanac and captain Bill Stewart, head of the UK Liaison Department at NOV and POJ.

After Luks heroic death, Broz got a new dog, Tigar, also a German shepherd.


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