5 Ideal Dog Breeds For The Elderly People


Choosing a dog at any age means being realistic about the dog’s lifestyle, needs, and character. The best dogs for elderly people will depend entirely on how active the future dog owner is, in which home he lives, and his goals regarding the relationship with pets. At the very least, the best dogs for the elderly will be affectionate and obedient.

Cocker spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is a dog that is great in relation to children and the elderly and can be trained to fit perfectly into any situation in the household. These dogs are loyal to death and will follow the owners “to the end of the world”. Despite their long, soft hair, they are not too demanding to maintain. They enjoy easy walking and do not require much physical activity like some other breeds of dogs.


The gentle and irresistible pug was created to enjoy and spread love. The pug is a very adaptable dog, whether it is about people or the space in which it resides. It gets along equally well with children, adults, other dogs, and in a short time, it will get used to home, regardless of the number of squares. Owners must be careful only with their diet, because they gain weight quickly, which can cause other health problems. They do not require much physical activity, which is why they are an ideal choice for people who are not used to long walks every day.

Scottish Terrier

Hypoallergenic dog breed which is also a very reasonable and intelligent dog. Scottish Terriers enjoy walking, while running is not their hobby. That is why they are an excellent accompaniment for the elderly, whose daily activities are reduced to pleasant walks. They are great guards, and they could spend all day in the game. They are not demanding dogs, and they are not afraid to show their affection. The biggest “concern” around them is regular brushing, given the thick hair they have.

Dogs Eat Grass


Maltese have always attracted attention with their gentle and kind look and demeanor, and it is a dog breed that loves to be petted. Although it is a lively breed of dog, with good socialization and adequate toys in the house, they can be ideal pets for people of all ages. The popularity of Maltese is constantly growing, which is why it is not difficult to find them for adoption.

Best Dog Breeds kids


Poodles of all sizes are incredibly smart, which means that they learn very quickly and master training without any problems. They love activities, so living in an area with a running area or a dog park is desirable. The only “minus” is that they require a lot of grooming, which on the other hand can become a new hobby for people after retirement.


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