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15 Tips From French Bulldog Owners

If you decide to get a puppy, firstly you need to know that is not something you should take lightly. All dogs require a...
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Exclusive Interview about Staffordshire Bull Terrier with Regals and Royals

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? We go under the name Regals and Royals. Our kennel is a small, family-run, noncommercial Staffordshire Bull...
pit bull

We asked an Expert : Are Pit Bulls the most dangerous dogs ?

Let’s be honest… We have all heard stories about Pit Bulls that attack people, about Pit Bulls that attack animals… About Pit Bulls that...
dog fighting

Why Do Dogs Fight?

Whether it is small, medium, or large dogs - any dog fighting is dangerous. Dangerous for the participants but also for the owners who,...
Labradors Aggressive

Are Labradors Really Aggressive?

Are Labradors Aggressive? Although most of you will probably think as soon as you read the title - well, of course, they are not,...

Dog Breeds – Before and After 100 years of Breeding

Since prehistoric times until today, dogs remains our best friends. But, did you know that they didn’t look always the way they look today....
how to train a puppy

How to understand them better?

There is no way to understand why other dogs in the park react to your tame and sweet pet quite hostilely. You are probably...
Cat Friendly Dog

Best Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Who are Cat Friendly Dog Breeds? Dogs and cats do not have to be sworn enemies, but they can get along wonderfully and be...
dog flight

United Airlines New Dog Policy

Pet owners can start booking travel for their four-legged companions on United Airlines again this summer. Yet fewer animals will be flying thanks to...
queen corgi

Windsor Castle – Full of Dogs

The British Kennel club was founded in 1873 by Sewallis E. Shirley, who was desperately trying to add some consistent set of rules in...