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German Shepherd Gunther IV the richest animal in the world

Did you know that between 12 and 27 percent of pet owners leave a will? On average, pets inherit about $ 30,000, and some...
German shepherd

Seven Things You Should Know About German Shepherds Before Adopting It

There is no doubt about that the German shepherds are wonderful animals. Those big brown eyes, that beautiful fur and muscular growth made them...
famous dog blondi

Famous Dogs : Blondi – Hitler’s German Shepherd

During the service in World War I,the young Gefreiter named Adolf Hitler had great affection for a stray White Fox Terrier named Fuchsl and...
german shepard hero

Inspiring Stories about German Shepherd’s Heroism

It really is nice when we hear a story about some kind person that saves the life of a dog, offering him home, food...

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?

Quinoa can be a lifeline for those who are allergic to gluten. If you are part of that group, you probably already know how...

Can dogs eat sushi?

If you like foreign cuisine, especially Japanese, you probably like sushi. It is one of our favourite dishes, so we asked ourselves, "Can dogs...
how to train a puppy

How to understand them better?

There is no way to understand why other dogs in the park react to your tame and sweet pet quite hostilely. You are probably...
Dogs Don’t Shed

What are Achondroplastic Dogs?

What are Achondroplastic Dogs? Small size dogs come with many compact advantages - but they also have a few problems that come with small...
Dog Snoring

Heart Failure in Dogs

Owners usually notice that their dog occasionally coughs, has difficulty breathing, eats less, and gets tired quickly. Occasionally there is swelling of the abdomen...

Common Health Problems for Popular Dog Breeds

Unfortunately, overproduction of dogs and irresponsible breeders have led to the fact that today the most popular breeds of dogs - German Shepherd, Golden...