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Detection Dogs : How Are Sniffer Dogs and Security Dogs Trained?

If you love dogs, you probably already know something about dogs that are trained for some activity. There are various jobs and activities that...
dog barking Guests

Why do some dogs bark too much?

Barking is the way dogs communicate, and “chatty” dogs are often misunderstood. That is why we constantly wonder why some dogs bark more than...

Aujeszky Disease in Dogs

Aujeszky's disease is an acute infectious disease of many domestic and wild mammalian species. It is caused by a virus from the group of...
Dogs Chase Cars

Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

Why Do Dogs Chase Cars? Do they see anything threatening in them? Why are they barking at them? Do they see living creatures in...
Fungal Infections in Dogs

Fungal Infections in Dogs

Like humans, dogs can get fungal infections of the skin, but they can also affect the internal organs. Fungal infections of the skin are...
Dogs Don’t Shed

Top 30 Dogs that Don’t Shed

Which breed of dogs don’t shed? Anyone with a dog who sheds too much knows how hard is to handle a dog's hair can...
dogs raise paws

Why do dogs raise their paws?

Why do dogs raise their paws? There is no dog owner who does not want to know what his friend thinks and what he...
Best Guard Dogs

Top 10 Best Guard Dogs for Families and Home

Do you need Family Guard Dogs who protect your home? There are many breeds of dogs in the world and each one is unique....
Dog stop barking

The real reason why dogs become aggressive!

For dogs and all other animals, aggressive behavior is maybe one of the normal behaviors. Depending on the circumstances in which the animal is...

Famous People with their Dogs

We had several articles about famous dogs , but now we would like to bring you something different. Dear friends, we hope that you...