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Can Dogs Eat Melon?

Melon is a delicious fruit that perfectly combines taste and nutrition, because it has a high nutritional value for the human health. For this...

Can Dogs Eat Bones?

Can dogs eat bones? Dogs is allowed to eat bones, but not any kind. Do you know or roll with your eyes because ‘it...
dog won't drink water

Why Won’t My Dog ​​Drink Water?

Did you ask yourself why your dog won't drink water? The daily needs of dogs for water depend on the size and age of...
Depression in Dogs

Dog Vaccinations

Dog Vaccinations ? Bacterial disease leptospirosis damages the kidneys, liver, nervous system, spleen, eyes, genital tract, etc. The best way of protection is prevention...
Parvovirus in Dogs

Parvovirus in Dogs

Although it is most commonly diagnosed in puppies, there is also a risk in adult dogs that have not been vaccinated. Parvovirus is a...
Dog Health Check

How to Do a Dog Health Check at Home

How to Do a Dog Health Check at Home ? Of course, the vet knows best, but you can do some simple examinations yourself....
Puppy Disease

Puppy Disease – Cause, Symptoms, Vaccine, and Treatment

Puppy (Latin name - Febris catarrhalis infections canum), is a highly contagious disease that affects several organ systems and belongs to the group of...

Is Your Dog a Weekend Warrior?

Is your dog a weekend warrior? Although the word weekend is in the name, this syndrome most often affects people and dogs after a...
Climate Change dogs

Climate Change is Also Affecting Dogs

Are Climate Change is Also Affecting Dogs ? Due to the rising temperatures, certain parasitic diseases appear in our climate, which were previously characteristic...
Fungal Infections in Dogs

Cholesterol in Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can have high cholesterol, but the reasons for the formation of cholesterol and its consequences are different for dogs and...