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The origin of the dog breed Golden Retriever

Prior to the discovery of Lord Tweedmouth's pedigree books in 1952, the breed was thought to be descended from dogs from a Russian circus...

5 Ideal Dog Breeds For The Elderly People

Choosing a dog at any age means being realistic about the dog's lifestyle, needs, and character. The best dogs for elderly people will depend...
Dog Breed For Active People

Top 5 Dog Breed For Active People

There are many things to consider when choosing a pet. One of them is how many active and physically strong pets you want next...
Dog Breeds Latin America

Five Less Known Dog Breeds From Latin America

Do you know which dog breeds are the least popular? When we think of Latinx culture, we don’t typically think of pets as the...

Common Health Problems for Popular Dog Breeds

Unfortunately, overproduction of dogs and irresponsible breeders have led to the fact that today the most popular breeds of dogs - German Shepherd, Golden...
2. Borzoi, Russian Greyhound

10 Most Popular Russian Dog Breeds

Here are the ten most popular breeds of dogs from Russia. 1. The name of the Samoyed race derives its history from the Samoyed group...
dog Sunburn

Dogs Breeds to Have a High Risk of Getting Sunburn

Can Dogs Get Sunburn? Breeds that have a flat snout, such as pugs and bulldogs, have a 17 times higher risk of getting sunburn,...
Athletic Dog Breeds

5 Most Athletic Dog Breeds

All dogs enjoy walking, running and playing, but some breeds are still known to be bigger athletes than others. We have learned for you...
Cat Friendly Dog

Best Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Who are Cat Friendly Dog Breeds? Dogs and cats do not have to be sworn enemies, but they can get along wonderfully and be...
Small Dog food

Small Dog Breeds Need Different Food

Are Small Dog Breeds Need Different Food? Food intended for small breeds of dogs is energetically "stronger" and contains a slightly higher percentage of...