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Can Dogs Eat Eggs

Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? In the egg, there are two elements called avidin and biotin. Biotin is a vitamin gift in bile but is...
Dehydrated Dog Food

Best Dehydrated Dog Food

You may often wonder what is the best-dehydrated food for your dog? There are many manufacturers of dehydrated foods in the world, that offer...
Dog Bed

How to make a Dog Bed and Pillow

If you really love your dog, you really need to show it to him. The love for the dog is manifested through socializing, playing,...
Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog, as its name implies, originates from Portugal. This breed primary function was to draw fishermen nets out of the water,...
Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is the quietest dog in the world!

The Bernese Mountain Dog is the most famous dog breed in Switzerland. This breed is the most prolific after a hundred smooth and long...

Saluki / Persian hound one of the world’s fastest dog

The Saluki / Persian hound is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and is still known as a gazelle hunter. Historically,...
dog food

Feed your loving dog on a healthy way !

Over time, you may wish to reward your dog with delicacy or to store some home-made food or to completely remove the granules. What...
Dog stop barking

The real reason why dogs become aggressive!

For dogs and all other animals, aggressive behavior is maybe one of the normal behaviors. Depending on the circumstances in which the animal is...
raw food

Raw Food – Raw Truth !

We want our dogs to not eat junk for dinner. They’re our “kids” and we love them. Recently, Dr. Wendy King of Spears Creek...
Insect Based Foods

Will Pet Food be made out of Fake Meat?

Wild Earth Inc., a startup based in Berkeley, California, is doing that to pet food with lab-created proteins. Pet food—predominantly animal-meat products—represents as much...