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Labradors Aggressive

Are Labradors Really Aggressive?

Are Labradors Aggressive? Although most of you will probably think as soon as you read the title - well, of course, they are not,...
Dog stop barking

The real reason why dogs become aggressive!

For dogs and all other animals, aggressive behavior is maybe one of the normal behaviors. Depending on the circumstances in which the animal is...
Why Leash Training is Essential for Your Dog's Safety and Your Peace of Mind

Why Leash Training is Essential for Your Dog’s Safety and Your Peace of Mind

Don't take chances with your dog's safety - learn why leash training is essential and how to do it right. Introduction: As an experienced dog keeper...

The most popular asked questions about the Golden Retriever!

When we talk about adopting a dog, there are many doubts that come to mind, and we think about a very important decision that...

Detection Dogs : How Are Sniffer Dogs and Security Dogs Trained?

If you love dogs, you probably already know something about dogs that are trained for some activity. There are various jobs and activities that...

How To Teach your Dog To Become a Cat friendly?

There are many households that have proven that living together with a dog and a cat is not an impossible mission and that they...

Diapers for dogs – types, use, tips, and price

There is almost no dog owner who has not heard of special diapers for dogs that can greatly facilitate the care of the dog,...
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small to medium-sized puppy dog with short stature and a sturdy build. Known for his low body, large erect...
Human Habits That Confuse Dogs

5 Human Habits That Confuse Dogs

Human Habits That Confuse Dogs - There are some human habits that are sure to confuse dogs, especially while they are still puppies. The reason...

How To Read Your Dog’s Body Language

You have a dog and it’s really not hard for you to conclude what he’s trying to tell you when you show up at...