The ears are the reflection of the dog’s soul!


When we look at the dog what it looks like and how it behaves, we usually look at its tail and then at the muzzle, its look as well as the dog’s attitude. But besides, we don’t notice how his ears respond.

Dog owners need to spend time permanently with their pets and try to understand them based on the level of behavior. By looking at the dog, their behavior trough ears we can see what the dog really feels.

The dog can feel sadness, and at this point, its ears bounce back and forth to the head. Such behavior is a manifestation of negative energy or sadness. Dogs can also express grief in this way, for example, if the owner travels or takes him home while the rest of their friends are playing.

dog ears behavior

When ears are put back, dogs can also manifest fear. When the dog is frightened it closes its mouth and its open the eyes more widely.

Dogs feel stress as well as any other living being and in that case, they close their ears down and breathe deeply and lick their mouths. This behavior can often indicate that dogs do not want to be driven, especially if they go to a veterinarian or dogs when do not like to play with children.

The dog picks up his ears when he meets other dogs. That way the dog calms down and accepts friendly behavior with another dog. The dog can also bite, pull its ears back. They do this to protect themselves from biting another dog.


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