These are the 5 most energetic dog breeds

energetic dog breeds

Who are the most energetic dog breeds? Although each dog is a character for itself, regardless of the breed, some breeds still stand out for the amount of energy they are able to consume during the day.

5. Australian Cattle Dog

The last item on this list was the Australian Cattle Dog. He is an excellent keeper and herder of the flock, widely known for his stamina. However, this breed of dog can also be a great pet for those owners who are very active themselves – runners and cyclists, adventurers, hikers, because this dog will have the best companion in all their ventures. He needs a lot of movement and plays throughout the day in order not to develop destructive behaviors in the home.

4.Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier – you might never say, but this tiny but stubborn dog is a real “energy bomb.” He is happiest when he follows his family on foot – on walks, tripsā€¦. because there is energy for that and you. They also excelled in agility and obedience exercises. Do not spare it, but feel free to go for long walks and runs – it will accompany you with a smile on your face.

3. Australian Shepherd Dog

energetic dog breeds

Another one of the most energetic dog breeds coming from the Australian continent came in this list and finished third. This dog is very devoted to his family, loyal, adores people, and always wants to please them. In addition, he is a very intelligent and energetic, excellent herd keeper and dog that can travel tens of miles during the day. It takes long walks, runs, vigorous ball or stick games,

2. Border Collie

energetic dog breeds

Einstein among dogs as he is often called, this dog is equally active mentally and physically. He needs owners who will teach him new things, tricks, who will walk and run with him. Great at agility, these dogs are capable of learning a variety of tricks and achieving the highest marks in obedience exercises.

1.Jack Russell Terrier

energetic dog breeds

Dog owners of this breed probably knew after reading the title that their dog ranks first on this list. These little cute dogs are real jump balls. This is a highly intelligent and active breed, bred for work, most of the time catching rats and other rodents, and has shown excellent results in terrier racing.

Although he is a favorite pet today, this genie puppy has the urge to dig, run and be active, so provide him with plenty of physical activity and outdoor games throughout the day so he doesn’t start digging in your apartment or your flower garden.


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