Dog Snoring: Why Do Dogs Snore?

Dog Snoring

First of all when we speak about dog snoring, dogs can snore due to the anatomy of their muzzle and the characteristics of the breed to which they belong. Dogs with a “flattened” snout almost always snore while sleeping, since their airways are shortened and the air does not circulate normally through their nostrils.

They are above all a bulldog, a pug, and a boxer. In these breeds, snoring usually does not indicate any health problem, but of course, regular visits to the vet will dispel any doubts.

However, dogs can also snore due to allergies. Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to dust or pollen, so allergens can “block” their proper breathing.

Obesity can be one of the causes of dog snoring. Excess tissue around the neck and throat can cause breathing problems. This can be very dangerous if the dog is too fat because excess skin and fat can lead to a complete collapse of the trachea. Obesity is the cause of many other serious diseases, so if your dog has gained a few extra pounds – it’s time for a diet.

Dental problems. If a decayed tooth becomes inflamed, becomes infected and becomes an abscess, or inflammation of the gums and oral cavity occurs, snoring is inevitable because these oral problems can also cause difficulty breathing and airflow.

Fungal infection (aspergillosis) – this disease attacks both dogs and humans and occurs when slow molds are inhaled in nature (hay, grass, compost). When inhaled, these spores damage the inside of the nose and cause irritation of the mucous membranes.
And a cold can be the cause of snoring. When they get sick, due to irritation of the nose, mucus, and sneezing, dogs can snore during sleep.

Like passive smokers. If they live in a home where the owners smoke, snoring can be a signal that your dog is very bothered by tobacco. Do not smoke in the apartment.
If you exclude all other causes, it is important to note that dog snoring is a normal occurrence in most cases. Just like in humans, when a house falls asleep on its back it can start snoring. Also, if he is receiving therapy, some medications can relax his throat too much, so snoring can occur.


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