Why Does my Dog Whine in the Car?

Dog Whine

When they get in the car only when you take them to their favourite place – in the park, on the river or in nature, the dog will whine unbearably during the whole ride and will wait to get there.

When driving a car, dogs often breathe excitedly, they cannot sit or lie still and almost necessarily – they whine. Why is this happening? – is one of the frequent questions of the owner.

The dog is excited

When they get in the car, the dogs know they are going somewhere with their owners. Is it a visit to a picnic area, to the river, to a dog park… Certainly, pets know that they have gone somewhere where they like to stay, so they start whining with too much excitement because they can’t wait for the moment to arrive.

If you are worried about this excessive excitement in the dog, or you are just annoyed that they are so loud and persistent in whining, try to be less predictable. This specifically means that you do not ride with the dog only when you go to nature, but take it with you and when you go to pick up children at school or kindergarten, when you go for coffee with friends, when you complete some tasks such as shopping or paying bills. And you can just ride, without getting out of the car, because dogs like to be with us, whatever they do to me.

Cheat him

Sometimes it is better to deceive our pets a little, and that is so that we will not park right next to the river or park, but a little further, so the dog will not immediately see and know where he is going, and therefore will not react too excitedly.

When you stop in a parking lot, your dog will think that you may “just” go for a walk, or that he may not even get out of the car. When the dog does not know why he is in the car and where he is going, he will be much less excited.

An interest in the dog

What is also very important is not to let the dog get bored in the car. Most dogs like to stick their head out the window and observe the world around them, as well as to air in the breeze, but that is not enough.

It would be good to always keep your pet’s favourite toy, a “kong” toy, or a rubber one that he can bite in the back seat. So he will be occupied with his hobby and will not whine and can’t wait to get to a destination that excites him so much.


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