How to remove the smell of dog urine out of your house?


We know how much you adore your pet, but its daily “wanderings” around your home often provide insight into the not so sweet sides of life with a dog. These include furniture damage, torn things, but also many other activities that dogs mostly do when owners are not present – for example, that famous and not at all pleasant smell of urine they leave behind.

If you are still wondering how to remove the smell of dog urine from your home, we have a few advices for you. Find out below and solve this problem once and for all!

Why is it important to remove the smell of dog urine from your home?

If we approach this topic from the owner’s point of view, the first and most obvious answer would be to simply get rid of the unpleasant smell, which certainly bothers you, family members, and the guests who visit you.

Many dogs have a very specific smell of urine, and most often larger and long-haired breeds have more pronounced compared to dogs of smaller breed and shorter hair. In addition to mere discomfort, dog urine can contain many bacteria that can affect your health over time, and as one of the primary components of dog urine is ammonia, it is important to avoid all potentially harmful consequences due to this ubiquitous smell in your home.

How to remove the smell of dog urine from your home – quickly and efficiently?

First of all, remove the urine as soon as it appears! The seemingly impossible mission of removing this type of smell is still feasible, as long as you react quickly and regardless of the surface on which the “accident” caused by your puffy friend occurred. If it is a carpet, it would be best to sprinkle baking soda and let it stand for a couple of hours, then vacuum, or take advantage of the benefits of rice or salt that absorb liquid. After about fifteen minutes, remove what you have used and additionally clean the area with a product intended for cleaning dog urine.

On the other hand, if your dog still decided to mark the territory on the tiles, you are lucky – it is much easier to remove unpleasant smell from this surface! However, if it is parquet, you will encounter a little more difficulty due to the fact that wood absorbs all spilled liquids quickly, even dog urine.

In addition, another trick worth trying if you are wondering how to remove the smell of dog urine from the household is to use:

-Citric acid,
-Distilled water,
-Laundry detergent
-Dilute iodine in water,
-Dishwashing detergents.

Although on the “for and against” list of having a pet, in this case a dog, the smell of urine belongs to the order of “against”, at the end of the day it is canceled. When your favourite creature looks at you with its sweet eyes, squints with happiness, waves its tail or simply pees with excitement because of the upcoming walk, nothing is so unpleasant, not even the smell of dog urine!


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