5 Signs That Your Dog Needs To Go To The Toilet!

Dog Diarrhea

Becoming a new dog owner is one of the best things that may happen to you. The love you will have for your new puppy is one of the best feelings in the world. But dealing with puppies means often dealing with the clutter they leave behind. One of the first things you need to do is establish a urination schedule. Otherwise, your dog will urinate in your home, which is not something you want to clean all the time.

Even the best-prepared plans can fail, so do not be discouraged if your puppy has a problem accepting the training commands. Emergency training is a long process, so make sure you have enough patience. The good news is – if you know what to look for,
you may notice signs that your dog needs a major bowel movement. New dog owners may not know what to look for. We decided to share some tips and insights with you. Here are the 5 most common signs that your dog needs to go to the toilet.

1. Sudden change

One of the most obvious signs that your puppy needs to urinate is a sudden change in their behaviour. If your puppy eats and suddenly stops and moves away, chances are he needs to defecate. Like human children, puppies can’t wait long. When they have to go, they go. A sudden change could be a clear sign that your puppy needs to get out. You should know that puppies have a short attention span so there is a good chance that something just caught their attention. Over time, you will learn to distinguish between these two sudden changes in behaviour and you will know when to take your puppy out to urinate or something more.

2. Circling and sniffing

Circling a certain area usually happens a few seconds before the puppy does what you don’t want him to do. If you catch them circling, you should take them outside immediately. You may notice this type of behaviour if you see your puppy sniffing the ground and circling around it. Sniffing the ground, your puppy is looking for a “toilet”.

3. Whining

So they let you know that they have to go to the bathroom. If the howling is accompanied by one or both of the aforementioned signs, it is a clear sign that your dog needs to perform a major urination. If your puppy howls, don’t ignore him or get angry. Be thankful the puppy tells you he has to get out. Many puppies don’t do this, and their owners need to focus on other signs to recognize the need to defecate.

4. Going to the door

Older puppies and dogs that are well trained could let you know that they need to get out by going to the front door. Your dog knows they are coming in and out here, which is a clear sign that they have to get out. This behaviour is often accompanied by barking,
whining, stepping, or scratching the neck. Your dog makes it clear that he needs to break free and doesn’t want to do it inside the house. As for the signs, this one is clear. Remember, dogs may want to go out for many different reasons. Maybe they smelled, heard or sensed something outside that interested them. However, this type of behaviour can vary, especially if they have recently performed a major urination.

5. Licking or sniffing the groin area

Licking or sniffing the groin area can be a sign that your dog needs to defecate. However, I can do this for many different reasons. Most of them are associated with urinary tract infections or other infections that can affect the area. However, if your dog is healthy and shows no symptoms, but sniffs or licks the groin area, you may need to take him outside.


Dogs use their whole body to communicate, so if you follow them carefully, you can
learn to spot signs that they need to get out. Dogs love to communicate with their
owners and the environment; we just have to learn what signs to look for and how to
interpret them. If you look for these 5 signs, your home will be without incident, and
training your puppy to perform urination will be much smoother.


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