How To Teach your Dog To Become a Cat friendly?


There are many households that have proven that living together with a dog and a cat is not an impossible mission and that they can live in love, especially if they have been together since they were small.

However, the problem can arise if you have an adult dog and you want to get a cat or vice versa. This situation is not impossible but can be difficult.

The first thing you should know is that your old and new pet feels the smell of your new pet. It is best to introduce them in shifts in the same room so that they get used to the smell and the presence of the other. Of course under the supervision of a family member.

Also, it is very important that your dog has an understanding of at least the basic commands – sit, come and wait so that you have better control during their first contact. First, try controlled face-to-face contact, be sure to put the leash on the dog and give him some treat when he sits next to you.

Then have one of the other family members introduce the cat and also give her food or a treat. During the first meetings, keep them at a safe distance and try several times with short meetings. Repeat this several times until you both get used to the presence of another “roommate” without showing aggression, fear or any other form of unwanted behavior.

The second step is to allow the cat to analyze the dog at will while he is still on a leash and sitting listening to your command. If the dog gets up, restrain him and then reward him for listening to you. If your cat becomes aggressive towards the dog or runs away, it means that you have taken the second step too quickly and that you should slow down getting to know them.

The third step is to encourage positive behavior – the dog must learn to treat the cat gently so as not to accidentally injure it in the game. She cannot be treated the same as dogs and we must not be rude to her. Be sure to reward and encourage his positive behavior and do not punish him when the cat is in the room, because that way you can cause the opposite effect.

The fourth step would be to leave the dog and cat alone, but do not do this until you are completely sure that the dog and cat have accepted each other. If you are sure that the dog will not react negatively to the cat or the cat will not scratch the dog, you can leave them alone. Also, if the dog is not on a leash, make sure that the cat has a place to escape in case the dog attacks it.

If you are not successful in getting to know your pets, you can seek the help of a professional or a more experienced dog and cat owner. With a little effort, there are almost no dogs and cats that cannot become good friends. Of course, some dogs are more adaptable and will be easier to agree with a cat friend, so if the situation is reversed or you have a cat and you get a dog as a new pet, in addition to all the above steps, it is advisable to inquire about breeds and their characters.

If you owe a cat, and you are considering purchasing a dog as a pet, be careful that not all dog breeds get along very well with cats. Some dogs are more adaptable and will get along better with your existing kitten. Of course, the recommendation is early socialization as well as socializing the dog and cat from the earliest age.

Below is the text, we will present to you a dog breeds that a good cat friends.

Basset Hound

The basset hound accepts the training commands on his own way. Just like a cat, the basset hound enjoys dozing curled up in the corner or lap of its owner after playing. Basset hound is a very good family dog especially for families who also have a cat, and it is interesting that, in addition to kittens, the basset will get along well with adult cats.

Golden Retriever

Do not be surprised, the Golden Retriever is also on this list. Golden Retriever accepts the training commangs on easy way, he adores children, but also cats. The best way is to introduce the puppy to the cat before he is 4 months old, so that they both feel like equal members of the family.

Curly bison

Bichon is a playful little dog who adores company, whether his owner and family or a cat. He is curious like a cat, which makes them almost an ideal match. Bison will choose to be alone than with younger cats, with older cats and not so much, especially if the cat was there before him.


The Beagle is a dog that likes to live and work in a group, which is why he will not view the cat as a competition, but as an equal friend from the pack. The beagle is an energetic dog, but also very gentle towards people, so he will pass on his tenderness to cats. It is only necessary to get the cat used to the rather loud howling of this puppy, so that she would not be afraid.


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