Dog Training : How ,When, Where ? (Beginner’s Guide)

dog training beginners

Most of dogs are willing to learn to sit and wait and come just because they want to make you satisfied and because it is for their own good, as well. You should train your dog whenever you are both ready.Make sure that you are doing the right things and be advised to give them a treat afterwards.

How to start?

Adult dogs can concentrate better so the perfect training duration should be around 15 minutes. For younger puppies training should last from 2 to 4 minutes. They are more eager to learn, so you make more than one training with them during the day.

When to start?

Perfect time for training of young puppy is right before a meal, which means that you can do training at least 3 to 4 times a day. After the puppy grow older, reduce the number of meals during the day and perform a training shortly after he wakes up.Carefully choose the location where you will start with the training. When your dog became comfortable with the first location, you may move to another location which is unknown to him. Slowly advance toward street or a busy places so your dog would adjust himself in more complex environment.

Don’t get upset.

If your do is showing no interest to perform the commands that you are giving to him, do not be upset about it. Avoid to repeat one command, you’ll just going to confuse your dog. If the training doesn’t go as smooth as you think it would, relax and think about what you are doing. In 99% problems are not in the dog but in the owner.

Teach your dog to come to you.

If a treat is not enough to teach your dog how to sit, then just take his collar with one hand and gently push his back toward sitting position. Try that couple of times and when you will give command “SIT” and he obey, make sure to give him a treat right away.

Teach your dog to wait.

If your puppy learn how to come to you and sit, the next command that you will need to teach him is how to stay. This is the most important command for your dog’s safety.

The command “Wait” is just another word for “Sit” and you really should be patient while working on this.If during training your dog doesn’t obey or he do something wrong at any cost avoid the word “NO”. You should keep this word for more dangerous situations in the future. Instead of “NO” you can use the word “WRONG”.

Teach your dog to lay down.

You need to be patient while teaching your dog to lay down, because you are asking him to do something that he will do in most of cases, by instinct. If your puppy start to move while laying down, just take his front legs, lift them and then put them back on the ground. Make sure to give him a treat right away. If your dog refuses to lay down, gently press his back toward the ground. Treat him for laying down and make sure you use the word “DONE” when the training is over.

Dog Walking.

Outdoor activities may be a real adventure especially when your dog walks next to you. But, before you start teaching your dog how to walk on a leash, make sure he knows the “SIT” “WAIT” and “STAY” commands. It is really important because “SIT” is the primary point for dog walking.

While walking with your dog, use the “SIT” command for couple of seconds to see how your dog will react. For this training, you should be confident and patient. You do not want your dog to run in front of the cars instead to obey your orders.

It really doesn’t matter are you planning to go on a dog show or just walk in a park with your dog, the dog walking is one of the most important things that you should teach your dog. Believe me, if a puppy is misbehaving, it will be a big problem when that puppy will grow up. My advise is that the puppy should learn that for every job well done, he will get treat. Liver treats are my personal choice, because they have strong scent. If your puppy is not interested in food treats, then a toy will be the the perfect alternative.

If your dog is enjoying his meal, then try to reduce the meal and train him afterwards, with treats as reward for job well done.If your puppy is not eager to learn, then you have choose the wrong time for training. Try again when both of you will be ready. If you teach your dog how to walk besides you during the night on a empty street, you are ready to move toward more crowded places.You need to understand that to teach your dog new commands is like someone to teach you a new language. You should be very patient and you shouldn’t show any signs of aggression.


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