We asked an Expert : Are Pit Bulls the most dangerous dogs ?

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Let’s be honest… We have all heard stories about Pit Bulls that attack people, about Pit Bulls that attack animals… About Pit Bulls that do this, that… And it is very rare to hear something positive about this dog breed.But, is all of that true? Are the dogs that evil and dangerous like in the stories?

We have asked Mrs. Jeanie Cooke – Fredlund, published author and certified animal behaviorist to help us find a solution to the question – “ Is the Pit Bull the most dangerous dog breed in the world?”

Good day Mrs. Cooke-Fredlund, could you please introduce yourself to our audience?

Mrs. Cooke-Fredlund : Good day to you as well. My name is Jeanie Cooke – Fredlund. I’m retired licensed alcohol and drug counselor, published author and certified animal behaviorist. I graduated from the Animal Behavior College in California and then interned with an animal training program in Minnesota. I own two American Staffordshire Terriers (Pit Bulls) and I use one of them to demonstrate my skills during my internship in Minnesota. I assist dog owners with correcting undesirable behaviors in their pet as well as responding to dog owner’s questions on-line.

You mentioned that you are published author. Could you please tell us more about your publications?

Mrs. Cooke-Fredlund : Of course. I have successfully authored three book publications. My books consist of :

BAD RAP, The Truth About the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull.” BAD RAP is an educational reference book which includes (but is not limited to) the history of this amazing breed, successful dog training methods, a quiz to be utilized in dog ownership decision-making, reasons the Pit Bull got their bad rap, my own personal experience with my Pit Bull, Dazie, medical emergencies, regular health care, the unique Pit Bull personality, house training, Pit Bull “cult” websites, information from the Pit Bull Newsletter and reference to other books that provide reliable education about the Pit Bull dog breed. It is for sale at Bookwhirl.com and Amazon.com

Alcoholism, You Can Quit On Your Own.”  This is an E-Book series of two educational volumes instructing the reader how to achieve recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It is for sale at Amazon.com.

Seasons of Change, An Author’s Musings.” Seasons of Change carries the reader along on the roller coaster ride of life’s emotional highs and lows. The love of family, romantic love, love of nature, love for God, and the pain of grief and loss are just a few areas Ms. Fredlund explores. The topics of life and mortality are examined with imagination as well as with elements of undeniable truth. Included are the areas of living with and surviving some of today’s most harsh realities. Two of those realities are terrorism and every citizen’s most dreaded nightmare: the criminal who not only walks among us, but who lurks, in wait, in the shadows. This book is for sale at Bookwhirl.com and Amazon.com.

Let’s talk about your book “Bad Rap”… What make you write that book?

Mrs. Cooke-Fredlund : I wrote my book “BAD RAP” as a direct result of having discovered how wrong I can be! I had been totally opposed to the American Staffordshire (Pit Bull) breed. Then I met my husband and his dog – yes, a Pit Bull! Her name was Dazie (we recently lost her to liver disease.) I’m not sure which one of them became the love of my life first.

Do you own a dog now and what is your favorite breed?

Mrs. Cooke-Fredlund : Yes…Once our veterinarian warned us of Dazie’s impending death, we bought another dog, Chloe. She is half Pit Bull and half Boxer. She is a total snuggle bug and we are both crazy about her… But my favorite dog breed is of course – Pit Bull.

What would you advise to the dog owners that are reading this interview?

Mrs. Cooke-Fredlund : A word to dog owners: When a dog is treated with love, compassion, and a firm voice tone when needed, the dog will be loving, and will possess an intense desire to please his owner. When a dog is treated with impatience and physical “discipline,” he will learn to fear and disrespect his owner (and may very well cause costly problems for the owner.)  Dog aggression is a learned behavior, it is not inherent in the breed!


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