Why does everyone want to have Akita?

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The dog breed known as Akita or Akita Inu or in some cases, Japanese Akita is the most famous dog breed in Japan. For the first time, this race didn’t look like it looks now.

This dog breed was obtained by crossing a Massif, a German seeker, a Bernadine, a Tasha Inoue and a German Doga. In the nineteenth century, only aristocrats and members of the royal family could own such a dog breed. In 1918, the Akita Inu Hozankai Society was formed to preserve this breed. Later this dog was declared a natural monument of Japan.

Akita is characterized by having wide and deep breasts. The back of this dog breed is straight, and the ribs are round. These dogs have a thick neck. Their ears are small, and they form a triangle. Akita’s tail is thick, dense and bent towards the back.

Akita dogs belong to the breed of breeders and Nordic dogs, and the life span can be from 11 to 15 years. The height of male dogs of this breed ranges from 61 to 66 centimeters and female dogs can grow from 58 to 64 centimeters. Male dogs can weigh up to 54 kg and female dogs of this breed can weigh up to 50 kg.

Akita represented a fast and strong dog. It is large enough and throughout its life, it is good for keeping herds. The most striking feature of this dog breed is loyalty because when they love their owner they remain faithful to death proof of this is Hachiko True Story about Loyalty and Friendship .They are intelligent and very brave. Their character is characterized by hyperactivity. Although they are faithful and want a family life, they never trust foreigners and can be aggressive.

Female dogs of this breed have a noble temper. Akita does not want to live with other dogs. Walking with a male dog of this breed can be a problem because the male Akita dogs do not want a male dog friendship of another breed.

Frequently repeating exercises or practicing strict dog training can slow down the process. You will quickly and easily teach them to wet in a certain place. Since the Akita dog is strong they should be physically and mentally stimulated as much as possible. You have to walk them on a necklace. They enjoy playing with the family.

The Akita dog can be fed from once to twice a day. Depending on the activity and the habits acquired, the ratio of how many minerals, proteins, and vitamins a dog should consume daily. This dog can consume cooked vegetables, all kinds of meat and fish, milk, wheat, and cornflour. Diet should not be given garlic that may harm health.


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