Why dogs destroy toys?

dogs destroy toys

Why dogs destroy toys? There are many dogs, regardless of race and age, who are ruthless toy killers. Although they are thrilled at first with a new interest, within a day they will bite and turn it into pieces.

Many owners think that this is a bad thing – that despite their best efforts, their dogs are simply not well-groomed, that they do it to annoy them … However, in most cases, none of the above is true.

Here’s how American dog behavior experts explain the phenomenon of destroying our pet’s favorite toys:

Great win

Destroying, splitting, biting, and tearing a dog’s toys actually relieves stress, interrupts boredom, and gives the dog a desired sense of achievement. Although this achievement will not be at all pleasant for you, as you will have to vacuum and scrap pieces on the floor, your dog will be immensely happy that he has succeeded in his intention. And he’ll be proud.

You have a very intelligent dog

Although known as a toy destroyer, it is very possible that your dog is very intelligent and therefore energetic and in need of a challenge. Many clever dogs view toy splitting as a task, a brain teaser, and ultimately – a great pleasure for having done something useful and at the same time very fun.

They love the challenge

And it doesn’t matter at all whether it is a chihuahua or a boxer, with the equal intensity it will bite. Often your little one will bite the toy because your joint games are “lukewarm” and not at all challenging, thus showing you that he is ready for much more challenging ventures.

They are as hungry as wolves

The “destruction gene” in dogs has been around for thousands of years. Wolves tear their prey apart when hungry, tearing one piece at a time. Now forget this bloody picture and imagine its softened version, the one that is much more pleasant and likable. Well, it’s your dog who, when he’s hungry, “eats” a toy.

Follow the “hidden” signals your dog sends you, listen to his needs. Give him good physical and mental stimulation and the biting will stop. Play rope pull, dedicate yourself to it, and you’ll have a lucky dog.


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