How Our Dogs Help Us to Burn Calories

How Our Dogs Help Us to Burn Calories

If during the winter you get one centimeter of excess in the waist area, and you are not crazy about running and you are lazy for a gym and home exercise, do not worry. If you have a dog – excess pounds will disappear in a few days.

Here is how much calories you will lose during your socializing, walking and play with your dog:

Walking (120 calories for 30 minutes)

How much time you spend on walking with a dog depends primarily on how much your dog is active and how you follow it (do you have walking space nearby – forest, quay, parks, meadow, live in a house with a spacious yard or live in the city center). Either way, dog owners spend about 15 minutes a day on a walking tour with a dog, so you will burn at least 120 calories each day.

Mountain or walk through the forest (220 calories for 30 minutes)

If you love the mountain and take your own pecker with you, not only will he enjoy “climbing” and walking by nature, but you will also lose calories and kilograms. If you decide to take a more serious climb, you will spend 300 calories as you climb to the top or explore the forest.

Playing (200 calories for 30 minutes)

Getting a ball, stick or frisbee quickly and easily burns calories. But of course, this does not mean that you stand in place and that your dog does all the work. Run with him and behind him, let the dog run you down, use a stay outside for serious physical activity. You will be rejuvenated, your dog will enjoy, and you will also lose calories.

Rope hanging (50 calories for 20 minutes)

There is no dog that does not like to “hang” you around the rope, favorite toys, tape …. And your dog will enjoy, and you make sure you do not give up, but seriously compete with the whites who are stronger.

Bathing a dog (50 calories for 20 minutes)

Maybe you do not think about it, but if you let your dog swimming is a great physical activity and a great way to lose calories. And the result – a clean, fluffy and happy dog. And you – thin waist. Ideal.


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