If You Want a Unique Portrait of Your Dog , This is The Right One

Dog Artist Romina De Gregorio

Romina De Gregorio is a most unique modern dog painter. Her mission is to put the canine and the feline race in the spotlight by offering you, dear dog and cat lovers, a colourful, modern, joyful and vibrant art.Her splendid combination of a distinctive style, an innovative approach and technical skills enable her to translate her tremendous passion for dogs and cats by capturing brilliantly their life and soul. 

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mrs.De Gregorio: Hi, my name is Romina De Gregorio, I am 44 years old and I live in Belgium. Since 3 years I combine my 2 big passions in life: paintings and pets!

When did your passion for dogs started?

Mrs.De Gregorio: Since early childhood, we adopted a first dog we kept for 17 years and my Dad taught me to respect, to love and care for him.And when I was 20 I adopted my 2nd dog called Choco who I also kept for 17 years. He was the big canine love of my life. Choco was gorgeous and the best friend you can have. He gave me his joy of life.

Do you use discipline or positive reinforcement to train?

Mrs.De Gregorio: Discipline! Although it is a creative job, I am very disciplined. Each Friday I schedule the next coming week. I want to respect my engagements towards my clients. In my previous professional life (edition sector) I was client-oriented and it is still the case. Today, I share something more with my clients… we share a common passion for our pets.

How many dogs do you own and what breed are they?

Mrs.De Gregorio: Actually we have 2 Maine Coons called Igor and Grichka, they are both 1 year old. They are my sons…My little kings! Having cats is more suitable with our today life at home but I hope to be able to adopt a dog in the future. Thanks to my job I meet a lot of dogs, so it is also a way to get my daily “dog dose” ;-p Pets owners share a lot of things with me and I feel always honored to be a kind of confident!

What would you like to say to our readers?

Mrs.De Gregorio: That my main goal is to capture the personality of their pets through my brushes. I believe that art can put our heroes, cause our pets are our heroes, in the spot light. The portraits I paint are an ode to our pets. In my eyes cats and dogs are magic!
If your readers want to discover my universe, you can find via link.

Thank you Mrs. De Gregorio for your time, we enjoyed this interview and we would like to wish you more paintings with our four-legged furry friend.

“But I see your true colors shining through. I see your true colors and that’s why I love you”

“Creativity takes courage”

You can see some of the paintings below.


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