Dog smell can reval quality of the food

dog smell

Can the dog smell reval which food is good or not? Listen to the dog’s nose, not your own – experts say. We often make the wrong choice of food because we believe that what smells godly to us must be at least as attractive to our beloved pets.

Today more and more food producers are courting dog owners and food vendors instead of dogs. Believing that a dog loves and wants the same thing we do, we often make mistakes and instead of doing it for the benefit of our dog, we work to his detriment.

So often we can make mistakes when choosing food because we believe that what smells godly to us must be at least as attractive to our beloved pets. But the truth is, in fact, quite different.


The average dog’s nose can be up to 10,000 times more sensitive than the average human. And the smell that reminds us of a juicy grilled steak can be repulsive and unpleasant for a dog. The fact that we should by no means forget that dogs rely more on smell than taste in deciding what to eat and how much. They choose their food solely by how much it pokes their nose. If the briquette food smells attractive, the dog will dive into it with instant and noticeable fervor, and the owner will immediately know that the food is a perfect hit. Therefore, it is not primary for us that granules act fragrant and irresistible to our dogs.

Intrusive organs

The first part that a wild animal usually eats on its hunting ground is jig and stomach. On the whole, nutrients are among the nutritionally richest foods. Lamb’s spleen has almost as much vitamin C as mandarin. Bovine lungs are 50 percent higher.

Stomachs are especially valuable because of what is in them, the predator uses the nutrients of plants and cereals from the stomach of its prey. Animals have evolved to survive.

They like what’s best for them. People fade when they see a “fish meal” or “meat meal” among pet food ingredients, but a meal that differently includes meat, organs, skin, and bones is most like eating dogs and cats in the wild. Animal taste systems specialize in groups that are in the environment.

That is why it is very important for dog owners to remember that smell can also detect the quality of food, but with the opposite logic of that of most, that is, food that suits our nose is not good. And if the granules are dry and almost odorless, these are undoubtedly poor-quality granules.

Detective sniff

A dog’s brain is literally specialized in identifying odors. The percentage of the brain that uses it to analyze odors is as much as 40 times greater than the percentage that human uses for that purpose. It is estimated that, depending on the breed, a dog can smell 1,000 to 10,000 times better than a human.


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