Why Dogs Get Bonding Deeply to One Special Person?

dogs special person

Dogs look us in the eyes to connect with us. We do the same thing when we want to connect with other people. Dogs are social beings and cannot live without society.

In addition to the many people the dog has in life, he chooses one special person to whom he will give the most love and attention. This connection to dogs is very important, so much so that they feel jealous if they see their favorite person with another animal.

They spend time with their owner all the time

When you allow your dog to sleep with you in bed, when you train him, take care of him and spend a lot of time with him, then you form a strong bond between you. Any positive activity with your hairy friend helps their love for you to grow. Activities such as massage, walking and pampering make your dog teach you to listen and get used to having a good time with you – a fun time.

They feel the affection of their owner

If you live in a large family, your dog may have a few favorites. However, he will have the greatest connection with the person who cares about him the most. If you fill his bowl with food or take him for a walk each morning, the dog will notice it and have special emotions for you. It’s very simple – the more you give, the more you get.

Dogs see their owners as a source of positivity

Dogs often create positive associations with the people around them. Ultimately, if you provide your dog with pleasant things like delicious treats and fun toys, the association will be formed immediately. If you want your dog to be attached, make him happy.

The character of the owner and the dog match

Just as people can choose a person whose character suits them, so can dogs. If you pay attention to dogs and their owners, in most cases they look like each other. Vigorous dogs prefer active people, while calm and lazy dogs prefer to spend time with relaxed owners.


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