Why Does Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs Eat Grass

Dog owners often wonder why their pets eat grass. There are several reasons – first, biologists claim that eating grass is normal for dogs, even for their wild “relatives” (like wolves) in nature.

Often the dog knows what it is missing in the diet, so carefully, by choosing herbs, it compensates for what it lacks, veterinarians explain.

Grass can be a good source of digestive enzymes, potassium, chlorophyll, and fiber. Therefore, it is not necessary to panic every time the dog chooses a few delicious grass stalks.

Dogs sometimes eat grass for fun because they play that way. This is not a problem, say, veterinarians, if the grass is not treated with harmful pesticides.

There are situations when eating grass can indicate more serious problems and you will need the help of a veterinarian because there are times when the dogs eat more grass without choosing a specific species and then vomits. In this case, it is most likely gastritis or gastroenteritis, a condition that the dog tries to solve on its own through nausea and vomiting.

If you do this occasionally, several times a year, you don’t have to worry. The dog probably ate something that did not suit him and instinctively helped himself, experts say.

But if you notice that your dog regularly eat grass and then vomits, it certainly has some form of digestive problems and you should try to change his diet, and if the condition does not improve, seek help from a veterinarian.


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