How to Train a Labrador Retriever

Labradors Retriever

How to Train a Labrador Retriever The Labrador is a dog that is relatively easy to train and you really shouldn’t have any major problems there. However, each individual is different and so don’t get upset. Every dog ​​has their learning time so even if you’ve had a dog before that has learned a command faster, it doesn’t have to mean anything with a new dog!

Labradors are very easy to teach almost all commands with the help of food. Probably the simplest command is “Sit“. Dogs are still much easier to learn from an early age, but again, it is not a problem to learn even when they are older.

Command Sit down

For the “Sit” command, you need to press your pet lightly on the back, telling him to sit. When he does, reward him with a treat and say words of support. If he’s a puppy, don’t bother him too much, but also don’t expect him to concentrate on you if he’s in a noisy environment! Practice with him every day.

The command – Wait

Once he learns the Sit command, order him to sit down and slowly move away from him, telling him to wait and showing an upright palm (similar to when you say goodbye to someone – only in this case, of course, you don’t wave). Slightly move away from it just a few steps and a little further each day. When you walk away, do not call him to you, but you come to him while he is waiting. Reward it as with the Sit command.

Command lie down

At the Lie command, first order the dog to sit down, then hold one hand on his back and pull the other hand behind his front legs, and stretch them down (if necessary, order him to wait). While doing so, tell him. ” Lie down! ” and of course reward him.

Command Give Paw

This is a command that is absolutely not necessary, but still very nice. Order your pet to sit down, and (there are two methods for this, both very easy)

Method 1: Show the dog the food and hold it in your hand. You tell him to give a paw. Also rub it on your paw with your other hand. He should give you a paw soon. In this case, when a Labrador gives a paw, it is actually begging for food, however, if that fails then just do the following:

Method 2: You can try this independently of the first method. Order the pet to sit down and slowly take his paw. Tell him to give a paw, and if necessary wait. When he obeys, hold his paw in his hand for a short time (only 5-6) seconds so as not to “annoy” the dog. Although they are very tolerant, it is possible that they do not understand it as an exercise. When he obeys, reward him as usual.

You may notice that all exercises contain the Sit and Wait commands. They are the most important and it is enough that the dog only understands them. If you try to achieve more, never start one exercise and then immediately switch to another. It is very important to design the exercise well and train it to the end.

Don’t expect these to be the only commands to train Labrador Retriever. The possibilities are endless. Only in everyday life with a dog over the years will you realize that these animals are better than humans.


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