Dog Speak : If Your Dog Could Talk, What Would He Say?


The dog cannot speak, but his behaviour contains an established system of signs by which he tries to convey a clear message to the owner about his feelings and needs. His behaviour can tell you a lot. Here’s what a dog would tell you if he could talk.

I want to protect you

Although the man thinks that the dog, with all the love he feels for him, is in his possession, the dog would not agree with that. He thinks he is “claiming” the man and therefore seeks to protect him. When a dog sits next to your feet, it actually behaves in a proprietary manner, and in a way “marks” you as its property, says Jennifer Brent, a dog behaviour expert who deals with abandoned animals. She adds that there are three reasons why a dog does this: first, he wants to be sure that there is room for him in your life. Secondly, he wants to warn other dogs to stay away from you and, thirdly, he wants to protect you. That’s why your pet will growl at other dogs and guests.

I feel sad

Your house knows when you are in a bad mood and that significantly affects its feelings and behaviour. Veterinarians say that stress passes from man to animal, so there is a great chance that, if you are under stress, your pet will be too. If you want your dog to be more playful, be in the mood and pay attention to him.

I want more physical activity

If your house is chewing on furniture or running around a table, it wants to send you a clear message: it needs more physical activity. A particularly big mistake is made by people who procure a dog of a breed that needs to cross several kilometers a day, and then lock him in an apartment and expect everything to be fine. If a dog destroys things, he means that he is bored and anxious indoors and that he wants more exercise.

I’m afraid you won’t come back

When you leave the house, most dogs will bark, to let you know that you have forgotten someone. The dog, experts claim, reacts like this, because he is afraid that you will not return. In this fear, they can become destructive and “take revenge” on your furniture. In extreme cases, a veterinarian should be consulted, but a few simple habituation exercises and adequate animal care can solve this problem.

I know you’re sick

It is not easy to explain the way in which dogs manage to feel that their owner is ill. However, it has been proven that these animals can detect a large number of diseases, such as cancer or epilepsy, and their timely reaction has saved human lives many times. Experts believe that there is a chemical marker that dogs can detect, such as they can smell mold, drugs or explosives. They can smell a drop in blood sugar in diabetics or predict an epileptic seizure. Therefore, they are often hired as assistants in therapy, to help people with health problems.

I do not feel well

It is very important to take care of the dog’s behaviour. If you feel that your house is not behaving as usual, it probably does not feel good. Veterinarians point out that it is important to notice such deviations in behaviour as soon as possible, so that the situation does not get worse. Some of the signals that the dog is not feeling well can be passivity, aggression, lack of interest, difficult mobility and loss of appetite.

I love routine, but I also want variety

The mental capacities of a dog are similar to those of children: both like routine. It is important that they know what to expect, otherwise they can react violently. Still, while routine is good for them, sometimes it’s good to inject a little dynamism into their habits. Veterinarians therefore advise you to move your daily activities from time to time, so that you do not always do them at the same time. Experts point out these changes in the schedule as desirable, because otherwise the dog can become the “head of the house”.


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