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Parvovirus in Dogs

Parvovirus in Dogs

Although it is most commonly diagnosed in puppies, there is also a risk in adult dogs that have not been vaccinated. Parvovirus is a...
Dogs coronavirus

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus and Spread Among Humans?

There is almost no possibility for a coronal dog to infect a human, and there is little for humans to infect a dog. At...

Can Dogs Eat Melon?

Melon is a delicious fruit that perfectly combines taste and nutrition, because it has a high nutritional value for the human health. For this...
dog won't drink water

Why Won’t My Dog ​​Drink Water?

Did you ask yourself why your dog won't drink water? The daily needs of dogs for water depend on the size and age of...
treat Dogs Like Child

Why Do We Treat the Dog Like Child

Are You treat Dogs Like Child? If you are one of those owners who think - my dog ​​is my child, we will tell...
Depression in Dogs

Heart Disease in Dogs

Recently, more and more attention is being paid to the issue of cardiac diseases, since the life span of dogs has been extended, and...

Aujeszky Disease in Dogs

Aujeszky's disease is an acute infectious disease of many domestic and wild mammalian species. It is caused by a virus from the group of...
Resilience in Dogs

Building Resilience in Dogs

Do you know how to Build Resilience in Dogs ? The external environment hides various microorganisms that, in order to survive, "look for" a...
Puppy Disease

Dog Diseases – Puppy (Febris Infetiosa Canis)

Febris Infetiosa Canis is one of the most famous but also the most dangerous infectious diseases of viral origin, which occurs in dogs. Although...
Puppy Disease

Puppy Disease – Cause, Symptoms, Vaccine, and Treatment

Puppy (Latin name - Febris catarrhalis infections canum), is a highly contagious disease that affects several organ systems and belongs to the group of...