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Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Disorders in Dogs

Are you dog suffers from some Sleep Disorders? We have learned their constant activity, wagging their tails, eternal desire to play, or go out....
Depression in Dogs

Heart Disease in Dogs

Recently, more and more attention is being paid to the issue of cardiac diseases, since the life span of dogs has been extended, and...
Dog Breeds Latin America

Five Less Known Dog Breeds From Latin America

Do you know which dog breeds are the least popular? When we think of Latinx culture, we don’t typically think of pets as the...

Aujeszky Disease in Dogs

Aujeszky's disease is an acute infectious disease of many domestic and wild mammalian species. It is caused by a virus from the group of...
Small Dog food

Can dogs eat apples? Super Foods for Dogs

Can dogs eat apples? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat apples, but there are some things you should know before feeding your...
Dog Snoring

Heart Failure in Dogs

Owners usually notice that their dog occasionally coughs, has difficulty breathing, eats less, and gets tired quickly. Occasionally there is swelling of the abdomen...
dog eat grass

Bite Wounds in Dogs

Sometimes already in puppies from eight weeks we see that the growth of the upper and lower jaw is not proper. Thus, it can...

Common Health Problems for Popular Dog Breeds

Unfortunately, overproduction of dogs and irresponsible breeders have led to the fact that today the most popular breeds of dogs - German Shepherd, Golden...
2. Borzoi, Russian Greyhound

10 Most Popular Russian Dog Breeds

Here are the ten most popular breeds of dogs from Russia. 1. The name of the Samoyed race derives its history from the Samoyed group...
dogs in movies

How are Dogs Trained to Act in Movies?

How are Dogs Trained to Act in Movies?Can dogs be attributed to something like "acting talent" at all, or is it just a very...